Sound Therapy Healing With VibraSound Bed

The connection between mind, body and spirit affects almost every aspect of our lives. It is crucial, then, that you realign these links when they get out of whack. Whether your malady is physical, emotional or spiritual, taking the initiative to heal is important. Sound therapy healing is a scientific technique that uses soothing sound and gentle vibrations to repair and reverse ailments of the mind, body and spirit. The VibraSound bed is technology that allows the user to hear, see and feel music in every cell of their body.


VibraSound technology consists of a few modular components that allow it to function properly in the administration of vibration for healing. The mattress sends music or frequencies as vibration to the body. The display sends music as light pulsations to the eye. The headphones send music to the ears. The interface generates the frequencies and synchronizes the sensory mechanisms for perfect balance.

The good energy lost through stress can only be regained by recharging the body with rest and relaxation whereas the bad energy gained from tension can only be released by venting it into constructive activities like recreation and entertainment. VibraSound technology takes care of all factors of stress by being both restful and recreational at the same time.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing Therapy is based off of the Theory of Sensory Resonance. This is the concept of a balanced mind, body and spirit. Our bodies naturally achieve sensory resonance when introduced to specific circumstances. Sound healing therapy through VibraSound allows you to experience sensory resonance by optimizing sensory intake. This helps to balance your Autonomic Nervous System and quiet your mind for a refreshing new breath of life.

Sound Healing Using VibraSound Technology

The Satori Center for Wellbeing is one of the only facilities in the world that has access to the exclusive VibraSound technology. Thousands of people have already taken advantage of the Sound Healing Therapy service and 9 times out of 10 they’ve returned for more. Cleanliness is one of the top priorities of the Satori staff, along with healing you to your maximum potential, so you don’t have to worry about second-hand germs.

Users of the VibraSound bed have reported astonishing growth in confidence, energy, mental acuity, spiritual and emotional balance, and overall just feeling amazing. If this sounds like it might be beneficial for you, it might be time to set an appointment. The Satori staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and give you a better understanding of how to achieve your healing goals.